What makes MJAKE Security Guard Services Different

OUR PEOPLE, our strength

We strongly believe that leaders create leaders and that winning companies have leaders at every level.

Our greatest asset is our employees who deliver the security services to our clients. MJAKE Security understands that excellence requires individuals with the highest character and integrity.

It is in our best interest and our customers that our valuable security guards are retained. We provide our security guards with recognition awards and incentives benefits to help maintain a lower turnover percentage than the industry average.

Our personnel selection process is intensive. Each step from our application, interview process, and testing is done to ensure employee honesty, stability and effective oral and written communication.

Selection and Screening Process

Each application is thoroughly reviewed and evaluated. Consideration is given to past experience, stability in employment, and any special skills indicated by the applicant. Eligibility for work as a security officer is discussed and determination is made if the applicant is suitable to continue the process.

Applicants for employment are interviewed utilizing techniques geared specifically for the security industry. Trained personnel will conduct these interviews followed by a final approval from the responsible manager.

Because of the necessity for effective written and oral communication, candidates for security officer positions are tested in reading comprehension and written exercises, including testing their use of proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. These skills are evaluated during the application and interview phase and again during employee orientation.

We allow our clients an active role in the uniform selection process. MJAKE Security Services offers a variety of apparel to fit your needs. We provide free uniforms to our security guards at no charge and provide garments for seasonal change. This ensures a professional security guard appearance.

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